Special Collections include historic manuscript collections, family papers, rare books, and artifacts. This includes the Frederick Winslow Taylor collection, the Lieb Memorial Leonardo Da Vinci collection, the Stevens Family papers, U.S.S. Monitor drawings, and historic artifacts donated over the years. 

Frederick W. Taylor Collection

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), pioneered the application of engineering principles to shop management in the movement that came to be known as scientific management. The collection consists largely of Taylor's personal and work-related correspondence, including his communications with companies interested in implementing scientific management.

Da Vinci Collection

This collection contains one of the finest accumulations in the Western Hemisphere of prints, manuscripts in facsimile and books by and about Leonardo da Vinci. this collection was started with a donation by John William Lieb.

U.S.S. Monitor Drawings

The U.S.S. Monitor is most famous for her role in the world's first naval battle between two ironclad warships.

Stevens Family Collection

The Stevens family of Hoboken was a great engineering and inventor family of America. Colonel John Stevens was among the greatest engineers and naval architects of the 18th-19th century, was Treasurer of New Jersey during the active period of the Revolutionary War and labored throughout his life for the application of steamboat navigation and railroad locomotion.

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