This collection contains one of the finest accumulations in the Western Hemisphere of prints, manuscripts in facsimile and books by and about Leonardo da Vinci. this collection was started with a donation by John William Lieb.

John W. Lieb Biography 

John W. Lieb was born in Newark, New Jersey, February 12, 1860, and graduated from Stevens with an M.E. in 1880. He then entered the service of Thomas A. Edison in January of 1881. In November, 1882, Mr. Lieb was sent to Milan, Italy by Mr. Edison to superintend the setting up and installation of the first Central Station electric plant established in Europe. This station, following the success of a small plant located in the basement of the famous La Scala opera house, was opened in March, 1883. Lieb remained in Italy for 10 years. During his time in Italy as Chief Engineer of the Italian Edison Company, with  headquarters in Milan, became interested as early as 1890 in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, of which more or less authentic remains - canals, locks, irrigation sluices, etc. still existed. From 1890 until his death in 1929, Lieb collected every worthwhile book, folio, pamphlet, or manuscript on Leonardo da Vinci. This Lieb Memorial Leonardo da Vinci collection was dedicated at Stevens Institute of Technology on Thomas Edison's birthday, February 11, 1932. 

An online version of the Catalogue of the Lieb Memorial Collection of Vinciana, originally compiled by Maureen Cobb Mabbot, contains a detailed list of many of the items in the collection.