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Contains resources available through the library and freely online that pertain to literature, poetry, and other humanities subject areas.

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First page of the Knight's Tale in the Canterbury Tales (Source)

If you've searched through databases and would like to narrow your search, try looking through these journals, which the SC Williams Library subscribes to.  In them, you'll be able to find reviews, criticism, articles, art, and literature itself on different subjects.

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Use the Citing Sources and avoiding plagiarism research guide (below) to help you cite your research. You can also try using a citation management system like EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.  

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  • Brontë Studies
    • Presents research on all matters relating to the Bronte family, their background and writings, and their place in literary and cultural history. 
  • Chaucer Review
    • Studies of the text, sources & analogues, language, style, structure, & themes of Chaucers poetry. Also articles on medieval literature, philosophy, theology, & mythography relevant to a study of the poet.
  • Conradiana
    • Since its founding in 1968, Conradiana has presented its audience with the newest and best in Conrad scholarship and criticism, including reminiscences of eminent Conradians, detailed textual studies, biographical finds, new critical readings, and exciting applications of newer critical modes.
  • Dickens Quarterly
    • Devoted to the study of the life, time, and works of Charles Dickens.
  • The Dickensian
    • Publishes articles of literary criticism from scholars around the world and occasionally special Supplements of newly discovered letters by Dickens. It also carries reviews of books, plays, films and TV productions, together with reports of Fellowship activities and other Dickens-related news.
  • Eighteenth Century Fiction
    • Covers all aspects of imaginative prose in the period 1700-1800.
  • English Literary Renaissance
    • English Literary Renaissance is a journal devoted to current criticism and scholarship of Tudor and early Stuart English literature, 1485-1665, including Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, and Milton. It is unique in featuring the publication of rare texts and newly discovered manuscripts of the period and current annotated bibliographies of work in the field. It is illustrated with contemporary woodcuts and engravings of Renaissance England and Europe.
  • English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920
    • Publishes articles on fiction, poetry, drama, or subjects of cultural interest in the 1880-1920 period of British literature.
  • Journal of the Wooden O Symposium
    • Contains selected papers from the annual conference, which explores Medieval and Renaissance studies through the texts and performance of Shakespeare's plays.
  • Medieval & Rennaissance Drama in England
    • International volume containing essays & studies dealing with medieval & early English drama. Also contains book reviews from the field.
  • Milton Quarterly
    • Milton Quarterly publishes in-depth articles, review essays, and shorter notes and notices about Milton's works, career, literary surroundings, and place in cultural history. In striving to be the most reliable and up-to-date source of information about John Milton, it also furnishes reports on conferences, abstracts of recent scholarship, and book reviews by prominent scholars in the field. 
  • Nineteenth Century Literature
    • From Ozymandias to Huckleberry Finn, Nineteenth-Century Literature unites a broad-based group of transatlantic authors and poets, literary characters, and discourses - all discussed with a keen understanding of nineteenth -century literary history and theory. 
  • Romanticism
    • 1998-2012. Addresses various issues in Romantic literature studies.
  • Scottish Literary Review
    • Scottish Literary Review is the premier journal of Scottish literature and literary studies. With literature at its heart, Scottish Literary Reviewpublishes critical and scholarly articles and reviews.
  • Seventeenth Century News
    • SCN, an official organ of the Milton Society of America and Milton Section of the Modern Language Association, is published as a double issue two times each year with the support of the English Department of Texas A&M University.
  • Shaw: The Annual Bernard Shaw Studies
    • Articles on Shaw & his milieu, reviews, notes, & the Continuing Checklist of Shavianathe bibliography of Shaw studies.
  • Studies in the Literary Imagination
    • Articles of literary criticism on English Renaissance drama and reader commentary.
  • Trollopian
  • Victorian Poetry
    • Essays, criticism and reviews, and thematic issues, on aspects of Victorian poetry.
  • Victorian Studies
    • Essays, review essays and reviews on social, political and cultural studies of the Victorian era.
  • Wordsworth Circle
    • Publishes contemporary studies of literature, culture & society primarily in England during the Romantic Period from 1760 to 1850.
  • Yeats Eliot Review
    • Writing on the works of Yeats and T.S. Eliot

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