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Contains resources available through the library and freely online that pertain to literature, poetry, and other humanities subject areas.

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If you've searched through databases and would like to narrow your search, try looking through these journals, which the SC Williams Library subscribes to.  In them, you'll be able to find reviews, criticism, articles, art, and more.  Journals are broken down by language and/or subject.  

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Use the Citing Sources and avoiding plagiarism research guide (below) to help you cite your research. You can also try using a citation management system like EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.  

Find Journals

African Literature Journals

  • Journal for African Cultural Studies
    • Focuses on dimensions of African culture including literature, performance, art, music, the role of the media, & the relationship between culture & power.
  • Research in African Literatures
    • Scholarly articles on all aspects of the oral and written literatures of Africa submitted in English, French or other languages (but published in English) for members of the African Literature Association.

East Asian Literature Journals

  • Chinese Literature Today
    • A biannual literary magazine featuring Chinese literature. 
  • Frontiers of Literary Studies in China
    • Frontiers of Literary Studies in China provides a forum for peer-reviewed academic papers in literary studies within and outside of China in order to promote communication and exchanges between scholars working in different institutional settings and along different cultural and intellectual traditions.

Germanic Literature Journals

  • Modern Austrian Literature
    • Study of modern Austrian literature & culture. Refers iin a broad sense to cultural expressions produced within the Austrian empire in its various incarnations, Austria under the Corporate State & National Socialism, & the 1st & 2nd Republic.
  • New German Critique
    • Essays and interdisciplinary articles on all aspects of German studies.
  • Women in German Yearbook
    • Refereed publication presenting a wide range of feminist approaches to all aspects of German literary, cultural and language studies, including pedagogy. 
  • Zeitschrift für deutsches Alterthum und deutsche Litteratur
    • Studies in ancient German and German literature

Classical Literature & Studies

  • American Journal of Philology 
    • Today the Journal has achieved worldwide recognition as a forum for international exchange among classicists and philologists by publishing original research in Greek and Roman literature; classical linguistics; and Greek and Roman history, society, religion, and philosophy.
  • Arethusa
    • This distinguished journal is known for publishing original literary and cultural studies of the ancient world that combine contemporary theoretical perspectives with traditional approaches to literary and material evidence.
  • Classical Antiquity
    • Published biannually, Classical Antiquity explores interdisciplinary research and discussion of major issues throughout the field of classics, including Greek and Roman literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy and philology--Bronze Age through Late Antiquity.
  • Classical Bulletin
    • The Classical Bulletin publishes articles on Greek and Roman literatures, languages, history, social life, art, philosophy, religion, pedagogy, the history of classical scholarship, and the classical tradition.
  • Classical Quarterly
    • The Classical Quarterly has a reputation for publishing the highest quality classical scholarship for over 100 years. It publishes research papers and short notes in the fields of language, literature, history and philosophy.
  • The Classical Review
    • The Classical Review publishes informative reviews from leading scholars on new work covering the literatures and civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. 
  • Hesperia
    • Hesperia is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. It was founded in 1932 for the publication of the work of the school. This is still the main aim of the journal today. It also accepts other submissions by scholars in the fields of Greek archaeology, art, epigraphy, history, and literature.
  • International Journal of the Classical Tradition (1994-Present)
    • Articles and essays on the creative use made of the ancient Graeco-Roman heritage in other regions and periods of literature, the arts, philosophy, the sciences, politics, etc.
  • Mnemosyne
    • Essays, miscellanea and reviews on all aspects of international classical studies.
  • Philological Quarterly
    • PQ is an international refereed journal that welcomes submissions on any aspect of medieval European and modern literature and culture.
  • Phoenix
    • Phoenix, a journal of the Classical Association of Canada, publishes scholarly papers embodying original research in all areas of Classical Studies: the literature, language, history, philosophy, religion, mythology, science, archaeology, art, architecture, and culture of the Greek and Roman worlds from earliest times to about AD 600. 
  • Revue de Philologie, de Littérature et d'Histoire Anciennes
    • Founded in 1845 by Leon Renier, the magazine currently publishes two issues per year forming a volume.  Each issue includes articles, a bibliographic bulletin of recent publications on the ancient world, and more.  In French and English.  
  • Scholia: Studies in Classical Antiquity
    • Scholia features critical and pedagogical articles on a diverse range of subjects dealing with classical antiquity, including late antique, medieval, Renaissance and early modern studies related to the classical tradition. It also includes review articles, reviews and other sections dealing with classics.
  • Transactions of the American Philological Association
    • Transactions of the American Philological Association (TAPA), the official research publication of the APA, reflects the wide range and high quality of research currently undertaken by classicists. 

Middle Eastern Literature

Romance Language Literature

  • Sartre Studies International
    • Publishes articles of a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural & international character reflecting the full range & complexity of Sartre's own work.
  • Yale French Studies
    • Yale French Studies is the oldest English-language journal in the United States devoted to French and Francophone literature and culture.
  • French Forum
    • French Forum is a journal of French and Francophone literature and film. It publishes articles in English and French on all periods and genres in both disciplines, and welcomes a multiplicity of approaches.
  • Italianist
    • Covers all aspects of Italian art, culture, and life from the Middle Ages to the present.
  • Latin American Literary Review
    • The Latin American Literary Review/Press is made up of two entities: the Latin American Literary Review, a scholarly journal, and the Latin American Literary Review Press, which publishes translations of creative writing and literary criticism.
  • Hispanic Review
    • Research in the Hispanic literary & cultural studies. Features essays & book reviews on the diverse cultural manifestations of Spain & Latin America, from the medieval period to the present.
  • Confluencia
    • For Literary criticism & unpublished literature of the Hispanic world, including Portugal & Brazil.
  • Chasqui
    • Chasqui is an academic journal devoted exclusively to Latin American literature in the sense of bringing together research on both the Spanish-speaking republics of the continent and Brazil.
  • Anales de Literatura Hispanoamericana
    • Studies in Hispanic literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  
  • Bulletin of the Comediantes
    • Published semiannually by the Comediantes, an international group of scholars interested in early modern Hispanic theater, the Bulletinwelcomes articles and notes in Spanish and English dealing with sixteenth- and seventeenth-century peninsular and colonial Latin American drama.
  • Portuguese Studies
    • Devoted to the literature, culture & history of Portugal, Brazil, & the Portuguese-speaking world.

Slavic Literature

  • Studies in Slavic Literature & Poetics
    • SSLP is a series of monographs and occasional collections of papers in the field of descriptive and theoretical Slavic poetics.  SSLP appears at irregular intervals.
  • Slavonica
    • Covers literatures, languages, history, cultures and arts in Eastern Europe.
  • Russian Studies in Literature
    • Contains translations from Russian in literary criticism and scholarship, including both contemporary and historical material.
  • Dialogism: An International Journal of Bahtkin Studies
    • Devoted to Mikhail Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle, and associated issues in critical & cultural theory.
  • Canadian Slavonic Papers
    • CSP is devoted to problems of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a forum for scholars from a range of disciplines: language and linguistics, literature, history, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, geography and the arts.

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