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CAL 105 - Evaluating Sources Exercise

Step 1: What are the differences between these sources?


You don't have to read the full articles but please give them a glance. Please look at the content, structure, and authorship. 

SVOBODA, E. (2013). King and Queens of Chaos. Psychology Today, 46(5), 78–87. Retrieved from

McMain, S. F. (2015). Advances in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: An Introduction to the Special Issue. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 71(8), 741–746.

Questions to Consider

Who would be the audience for Article 1?
Who would be the audience for Article 2? *
What would be the differences between the authors of article 1 and 2? *
What do you think the purposes of both articles were?
How would you fact-check the " King and Queens of Chaos" article?