29 Jul 2020

The History of Stevens Traditions

Whether they were the enactment of mysterious rituals, displays of class solidarity, or contests of physical prowess, the earliest traditions at Stevens played a vital role in building a sense of community for the newly-formed school.

This lecture will showcase a number of these early customs at Stevens, starting with the annual Calculus Cremation, first held in 1888, where “that arch-fiend Calculus“ was literally put on trial and “consigned to oblivion” by a jury of students. Other topics include the rather violent cane rush and flag rush games between the freshmen and sophomore classes, the freshmen hazing rituals of the early to mid-twentieth century, and other stories and hijinks throughout the years. 

Please join Leah Loscutoff, Head of Archives & Special Collections and Ted Houghtaling, Archivist & Digital Projects Librarian in a fun history lecture discussing the early student traditions of Stevens. 


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