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HTH -221-A Introduction to Cinema

HTH -221-A Introduction to Cinema: Research Guide

Blade Runner. Directed by Ridley Scott. Warner Bros. 1982

Your Assignment

Length: 1,000-1,500 words. Though the system calls for this assignment to be handed in on paper, you may choose to hand it online if you are utilizing images or clips. You should use additional sources for this paper, and so you should also include a works cited page (which is not included in the word count). Even if your work has a multimedia component, you should still observe the rules of the five-paragraph essay and have a clear introduction with argument, supporting evidence, and conclusion.
Choose a five-to-ten minute sequence from one of the films we have watched this semester (this includes the films for the formal oral reports). It should be a sequence that contributes significantly to the film. For instance, if we had Apocalypse Now as a possible film for this paper, you might want to discuss the helicopter attack on the village.
How does your chosen sequence work within the overall film? How does it communicate the director's vision? What are the significant elements (cinematography, sound, acting, writing, mise-en-scène, etc.) that contribute to the effectiveness of your sequence? How do they combine together? What is this director highlighting, and what does this say about the director's artistic vision? How does your sequence fit within the context of strong science fiction storytelling?