'Saving the Last Scraps: The Embroidery Industry in North Jersey'

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Visit the Library to view “Saving the Last Scraps: The Embroidery Industry in North Jersey”, an exhibit that displays some of the tools and products of the local embroidery industry.

Since 1872, the embroidery industry dominated north New Jersey for over a hundred years. So much so, that it was labeled the "Embroidery Capital of the World." This industry was almost entirely run by immigrants and first-generation American families. The industry started to fade away from the region when the work largely moved overseas in the late 1990s-2000s. 

This small pop-up exhibit contains items from recent donations into the Archives & Special Collections at the Samuel C. Williams Library. Some of these items include lace samples,

embroidered patches, 


and tools of the trade. 


Stevens esteemed alumnus, Joe Schneider '46, spent his whole life and career in the industry:  first, working in his family’s embroidery shop in Guttenberg, NJ and then eventually inheriting the business, which went back a few generations. Schneider recently donated some of his own items which document the embroidery industry, some of which are currently on display.

This pop-up exhibit will be up until the end of the fall.