SciFinder Comes to Stevens

Chemists, biologists, engineers, and researchers: the Samuel C. Williams Library has made an important acquisition this semester for your research needs. 

Imagine searching for reactions and reaction types, patents, or research articles by concept and setting alerts to learn about new publications. Or discovering polymers by formula, monomers, and structural repeating units AND drawing chemical compounds to search by structure, substructure, and similar structures. 

Imagine no more as the Library has added online access to the powerful SciFinder database to our list of 80+ databases.  

Dr. Sunil Paliwal, a teaching assistant professor at Stevens uses SciFinder and finds it important because it allows him “to find synthetic schemes, procedures, and patents.”  SciFinder also allows him to “check the IP position of my compounds.” 

First-time users must register here and the Librarians highly recommend exploring SciFinder's tutorials to discover the many capabilities of this rich resource. 

Find SciFinder on our Databases A-Z list. Off-campus users will be prompted to log in with their myStevens credentials.