Student Have Their Say in Fall Library Survey

Quiet/Study spaces and hours were two of the main themes running through the Samuel C. Williams Library’s Student Satisfaction Survey. The survey was open from October to November 2021 with 204 students (164 Undergraduates, 39 Graduates, and 1 Doctoral) participating, the largest response to a Library survey yet. This yearly assessment is used not only to gauge how students interact with and feel about the Library but also to gather suggested changes that can be made to accommodate students’ needs. 

A small sample of how students feel about the Library services and resources reveals that about 84.3% of the respondents gave their library experience 4-5 stars. 72.3% of respondents gave the Research Services at the Library high marks as well. Of the first-year students who responded over 61.7% found the CAL 103 Library session, during the fall, to be helpful to very helpful. The Library’s other resources like collections (books, articles, databases), study spaces, computers, internet access, circulation services, and others received high scores as well. As one student said, “I really like everything there is about [the library]”.

When asked “If you could change one thing (big or small) about the Library, what would it be?”,  the major concern for most students who answered this question was the hours of the Library with most requesting more so that they could study. As one student said, “I always have work to do when the library is closed and would much rather be able to do it in the library than my dorm room, this would greatly improve my work and focus.” 

Along with the hours, many students were requesting more quiet study space as another student said, “It's really hard to find any space to study during the day because it gets so crowded” and another student added, “I would put more quiet spaces in. The booths on the second floor are great for group study sessions but it just gets so loud on the second floor.” Other changes students would like to see mentioned: printing (costs), more books, and the design and comfort of the furniture. 

“We are thrilled that so many students took the time to participate in the Library survey.  It shows that students really care about the Library, and we will be sure to take student feedback into consideration as we move forward,” remarked Library Director Linda Beninghove.

In addition to collecting students’ input, the Library was also able to give away a Stevens sweatshirt in an online raffle. Congratulations to Matthew McCaughan for winning the online raffle that took place on December 20 on Instagram live.

The Samuel C. Williams Library continues its mission to be the center for information discovery and preservation at Stevens Institute of Technology. The Library is dedicated to fostering an innovative environment with technology, education, and culture. It is our goal to create a distinctive library experience through services and resources that promote information and media literacy, knowledge creation, global scholarly communication, and critical and creative thinking for our students, faculty, and researchers around the world.