The Chronicle of Higher Education is Here!

The Chronicle of Higher Education is now available from the Library databases through a site license subscription. Current students, faculty, and staff now have access to The Chronicle’s news, content, and data on matters relating to higher education.  Searchable articles and essays dating back to 1989 are included, as well as special issues such as The Almanac of Higher Education and The Trends Report.

The site license for the Chronicle of Higher Education will give the Stevens community unlimited access to and the ability to sign up for newsletters on or off-campus. Remote users will need to sign in using an institutional email. Print access and the Daily Briefing newsletter are not available through the site license. 

If you currently have a paid or free individual subscription, you can sync your account by going to and linking your institutional email to the account. If you would like to cancel your individual subscription in favor of the site license, the customer service team at The Chronicle can cancel the subscription and refund the remaining portion (send an email to [email protected]). Individual subscribers should reach out to their departments/offices on what’s the best fit for their information needs.

The Chronicle can be found on the Library’s website through its databases A-Z page under C. If you need additional information or help please contact a librarian at [email protected]