Where Are You From? Stevens Maps, 2017

Debuting at the Library Open House on September 6, 2017, and displayed until September 29, the Samuel C. Williams Library asked an important question of the Stevens community: “Where Are You From?” Stevens students, faculty, researchers and staff made use of more than 200 map pins (plus one pushpin!) to show their hometown pride on our maps, including a world map, map of Asia, and map of New Jersey. Beginning in September 2015 with maps of the world and New Jersey, and adding the map of Asia in 2016  the Library has provided these maps to see from where the Stevens community hails. 

The maps were arranged by the piano in the Library’s Great Hall:

Final tallies show clear popularity in a number of regions. The world map shows clusters in the Northeast US, central Europe, the Middle East, and China and India, which demonstrate why we added the map of Asia last year:

Every continent, other than Antarctica, has at least a few pins.

The map of Asia shows a cluster around Mumbai, but also reveals that Stevens students come from all over eastern China.

And the map of the Garden State shows a clear emphasis in Northeastern New Jersey (and indeed, that is where my own pin sits), but the only counties that appear to be missing any pins are Salem and Cape May, meaning that 19 of New Jersey’s 21 counties are represented here.

It is also interesting to see the maps once the pins have been removed, as the pinholes can show when an area is so popular as to be removed entirely:

The world of Stevens spans continents! Look for our maps again at the 2018 Library Open House.


By Vicky Ludas Orlofsky, Instruction & Scholarly Communication Librarian