The Samuel C. Williams Library is a research and study facility for the Stevens community.

A valid Stevens ID is required for entry into the building and must be swiped into the card machine upon entrance. Part-time graduate students who have valid paper ID cards will be admitted, but are encouraged to obtain a regular Stevens ID. To do so, students are advised to go to the Office of Residence Life during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m., students should go to the IT Computer Center Help Desk in the basement of the Library. Valid photo identification will be required. A valid, current enrollment form is helpful but not necessary. No fee is required for the ID. A $10.00 fee will be required for replacement IDs.

Users must respect the building policies regarding noise. Conversation in study areas should not disturb other Library users.

Animals, skateboards, in-line skates, and smoking are not allowed in the building.

No smoking of any kind is permitted inside the Library building.

Study rooms and a conference room are available for use by Stevens students, faculty, and staff. Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis; the conference room may be reserved for meetings in advance.

Persons who do not abide by Library policies may be asked to leave the building.


Stevens Alumni are welcome to use the Samuel C. Williams Library, but a Stevens Alumni ID card is required. If you don't have the ID and you are planning to use the Library services, please stop by the Alumni Office to have one made.


Samuel C. Williams Library Computer Use Guidelines:

  1. Stevens students, faculty, staff and alumni with Stevens ID cards have priority at all times over outside users.
  2. Those using workstations for research always have priority. If you are using a computer for recreation, you may be asked to relinquish it.
  3. Do not attempt to install or download software or add hardware to library workstations, or tamper with network connections.
  4. Be aware that what you are displaying on the workstation is visible to others, and be careful not to view or listen to material that may be offensive to others, especially material which may be considered harassing or obscene.
  5. Library workstations and printers are the property of the Samuel C. Williams Library, and their use is provided as a convenience for students, faculty and staff, and alumni. In case of violation of these guidelines, Stevens has the right to limit access to the library and its computing facilities. Those in violation may be subject to disciplinary action by Stevens, and to civil or criminal prosecution.


Items that circulate and are not returned on their due date are subject to fines. The Library charges 10 cents per day/per item overdue.


Food and drinks are allowed in the library, except inside the Mary Stuart Stevens Room, and around the library computers, printers and copiers.


Most books can be checked our for a period of four weeks with the exception of the following material:


Located on the north wall of the first floor of the Library, these books can be checked out for 28 days.


Located on the first floor of the Library, these books can only be used within the Library.


Located on the third floor of the Library, journals can only be used within the Library.


Located in a special room in the Library, this material is retrieved upon request and can only be used within the Library. Request forms may be obtained at the Circulation Desk or may be submitted online using the thesis request form.

A valid Stevens ID must be left at the Circulation Desk in order to use the material. Stevens theses and dissertations are not lent to other libraries.


Located at the Circulation Desk, this material (special books, instructor's notes, old exams and homework solutions) can only be used within the Library for a period of 2 hours. A valid Stevens ID must be left at the Circulation Desk in order to use Reserve materials.


Two photocopier/printers are located on the first floor of the library. They are operated by a valid Stevens ID or a copy card and copies cost 4¢ each. Copy cards can be purchased from a vending machine next to the copiers on the first floor. The initial cost for a copy card is $2. Instructions for purchasing and adding money to a card are displayed on the vending machine. Money can also be added to a Stevens ID using the same vending machine.


A UNIPRINT release station for printing from the library PCs is located at the center of the workstation area. A Stevens ID card or a guest copy/printing card + value is required for printing. You may add value to your card at the machine located near the library photocopiers. If you have questions about printing, ask a Circulation Desk employee for assistance.