You can print from your laptop to the printers located in the Library. Just follow the directions below on how to install the necessary drivers and then how to print.

Download and Install Printer Drivers

Important Note: If you have older versions of the drivers on your computer, you must delete them for proper printing. 

1. Go to:


2. Click on Uniprint Drivers in the navigation bar and double click on Mac Uniprint Drivers:


3. Click on the file: PrintersClientSetup-pkg

4. Click to continue to install the software.

Once these are installed you can proceed to print.


Printing from your computer


1. After selecting Print, Select Canon 5535 Queue.



2. You'll be asked to supply a username/password; this can be anything you want. It doesn't have to be your Stevens credentials. then click Print.



4. Go to the printer and swipe your Stevens ID card.

5. Identify your print job (you may need to scroll to find your username) and select on the display screen by checking the box.


6. Click Print. Money will be deducted from your Duckbills account.