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Resources for stargazing.

How to be a Stargazer

The sky has so much to explore: planets, stars, comets, satellites! While it might seem overwhelming, you can get to know what's up there just by looking and starting to track what you see.

The McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas offers advice for novice stargazers: The only equipment you need is your eyes, a good viewing spot, and a star chart.

Star Charts: Identifying What's Up There


Star/Moon/Planet Calendars

What's going on in the sky today?

Image: "Moon - North Pole", NASA/JPL, 1996-01-29

Caption: "This view of the north polar region of the Moon was obtained by NASA's Galileo camera during the spacecraft flyby of the Earth-Moon system on December 7 and 8, 1992."

Image: Screenshot from Planetarium, "Interactive star map of the sky visible from: Greenwich, United Kingdom"

Stargaze From Your Computer

Star Charts & Apps to Bring Outside (iOS/Android)



Library Books about Stargazing

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