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Borrow & Renew

Someone has a book I want to borow

Users can place a hold on a book when it is checked out to someone else to ensure it is returned by the due date.

A hold prevents the book from being renewed by the original borrower and requires that it must be returned by the due date. Once a book "on hold" has been returned to the library, the requester will be notified through email that the book is ready for pick-up.

To place a book on hold, users can go online in the library catalog when viewing a book detail record.

Users can place a recall on a book when it is checked out by someone else only if the book has been renewed at least once prior by the original borrower, to ensure that the borrower has had adequate time to use the book. The original borrower will be notified of the recall and the new due date.

All borrowed books are subject to recall.