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HLI 334: Chaucer: The Journey and the Dreams

A course guide designed to assist students in HLI 334.

Welcome to the Chaucer: The Journey and the Dreams Course Guide

Welcome to Chaucer: The Journey and the Dreams, a course guide designed to assist students in HLI 334. Click through the tabs to learn more about how to access books and e-books, reference sources such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, popular and scholarly articles from databases, as well as reliable information from the internet.


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Geoffrey Chaucer. N.d. The New York Public Library Digital Collections,

Course Description

This course includes Geoffrey Chaucer’s major works The Canterbury Tales and the dream vision poems. The latter are based on accepted contemporary psychological theory that dreams teach solutions to real life problems. In The Canterbury Tales, pilgrims who meet at a roadside tavern tell each other stories about contemporary morals, love, religion, and war as they journey to Canterbury Cathedral. Students will encounter a range of medieval literary genres (e.g., romance, epic, fabliau, and saint’s life) while studying the mores and customs of the fourteenth century. Topics include medieval ideas on fate and religion, marriage, magic, science, and technology.

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