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A guide to using Mendeley, the social-network citation manager.

Mendeley is a citation management tool that helps you import citations from the web and plugs into Word to insert citations as you write.

Mendeley allows users to collect, organize and annotate research articles and other document types individually and in shared group libraries.

Mendeley was created by three Ph.D students in 2007.

It has been owned and operated by Elsevier since 2013, and works well with other Elsevier products including ScienceDirect and Scopus.

Note: Stevens does not have an institutional subscription to this product, so you will have to create a personal account to use it.

Mendeley Tools

The Mendeley Reference Manager (RM) serves as Mendeley's downloadable library organization and annotation tool, replacing Mendeley Desktop.

  • Please note that Mendeley Desktop will no longer be available for download as of Sept. 1, 2022, per Elsevier, but existing users will be able to continue using Desktop at present.

The Mendeley Web Importer connects to your browser to make it easier to import items into your library from the websites and databases in which you find them.

Mendeley Cite is the citation plug-in for Microsoft Word. Download through Mendeley Reference Manager or Desktop (Tools tab) to make sure it's the right one for your version of Word, or find the Office Online/Office 365 plug-in on the Microsoft App store.

Also Available from Mendeley

  • Mendeley Data Repository
    Collects datasets from many sources and provides a repository for users' datasets, including those publishing articles in Elsevier journals.
  • Mendeley Careers
    Free job posting site for science, technology and health researchers and employers.


The basic storage plan (2GB) is free and includes the ability to create and support up to 5 shared group libraries of up to 25 users (100MB shared storage across all groups).

More storage is available through "Premium Packages" for a fee:

  • Plus: 5GB for $55/year or $5/month
  • Pro: 10GB for $110/year or $10/month
  • Max: Unlimited GB for $165/year or $15/month

Mendeley Help & Tutorials

Changing Citation Styles in Mendeley

Citation management tools all come preset with many of the major styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA, etc.) but Mendeley can also import new CSL files to format your citations in the style of whatever journal or publisher with whom you might be working.

Styles can be downloaded within Mendeley Desktop by going to Citation Styles under the View tab, and then clicking on More Styles.

The screen shown here will let you search for the style you need and install it that way, or download via the source URL from one of the libraries below.

It will then appear in the citation style options when you export your items as a bibliography.

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