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Read For Fun

How to find and read books for fun and relaxation.


When you need a break from schoolwork, find something to read!

Get a Book Sent to the Library: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Submit an interlibrary loan request for novels, graphic novels, and more. Please note that only print books are eligible for interlibrary loan.

To submit an interlibrary loan request for a book not held at Stevens:

  1. Search for the full title of the book in the Library search bar
  2. Click on the title to get into the item record
  3. On the item record page, click the red button to Request Item through Interlibrary Loan (see image below)
  4. Submit the completed form and you will get an email once the book is ready for pickup.

Click image to enlarge

Screenshot of the catalog's record for Dog Man: Mothering Heights, not held by the Library, with an orange arrow pointing to the "Request item from in


For more information 📚

black rectangle with rounded edges with the image of an open book and bar code in white in the middleLibrary Cards: Collect Them All!

As a student of a Hoboken college, you are eligible for a Hoboken Public Library card.

If you live and receive mail somewhere other than campus, you are also eligible for a card from your local library.

You're entitled to as many library cards as your eligibility allows. There's no limit other than maintaining residency (that is, you can't continue to use your Hoboken card after you graduate Stevens unless you live there).

Image: Library Card by David Christensen from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)


Hoboken Public Library

Bring your DuckCard plus your current course schedule to get a Non-Resident card which allows you to check out print books and use the app to borrow ebooks and audiobooks.

Main Branch: 500 Park Avenue
Grand Street Branch: 124 Grand Street

Jersey City Free Public Library

You can get a library card where you get mail, so if you live in Jersey City, bring photo ID and proof of residency such as a bill mailed to your home to get a Resident card.

Main Branch: Priscilla Gardner Main Library, 472 Jersey Ave
Other branch locations


BCCLS: North Jersey Library Consortium

Many of New Jersey's public libraries in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Passaic counties are part of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System consortium, known as BCCLS and pronounced "Buckles."

A library card from one BCCLS library will work at any other library in the network, including Hoboken Public Library. BCCLS libraries prefer students from BCCLS towns use their home library card rather than get a non-resident card somewhere else (such as Hoboken).

Is your home library a member?

If you have a library card from a BCCLS library, check out their catalog for current holdings and use the Libby app for digital resources.



Ebooks & Audiobooks: The Libby App

Many public libraries (including Hoboken Public Library) use the Libby app for ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital holdings. If you have multiple library cards, add them all in for wider selection.