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Vaccines & the Measles Outbreak: Home

A guide to reliable information sources about the current measles outbreak, history and vaccines.

Vaccines and the Measles Outbreak


A current measles outbreak in the United States have led many to seek out information about the disease as well as vaccines. Many believe that misinformation about vaccines has help spread the disease which was long believed to be contained in the United States. This guide contains article feeds from reliable popular sourcesfeeds from medical and science journals from the S.C. Williams Library's databases. Also below are links to books you can borrow or view in e-book format.

Evaluate your sources . . .

It is important to evaluate sources especially if they are from the internet. Here are 4 evaluative criteria to remember (simply as C.R.A.P) when determining if an information maybe reliable:

Currency: When was it published? Is the information accurate for when it was written? How current is it? Does the author keep it updated?

Reliability:  Does the author provide references to back up their arguments? Does the source provide valuable, relevant information?  Has the author looked at the material objectively?

Authority: Who created this source? Does the author represent an organization?  What are the author's credentials?

Purpose/point-of-view: Is this fact or opinion?  Is the author trying to sell something? What point-of-view is being expressed? Is the purpose to inform, to entertain, to teach, or to influence? Who is the author writing for?  Is it biased in any way?  Are there advertisements?

Current Articles from Popular Sources

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Databases to research diseases and vaccinations

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