Voices from Castle Point at the Samuel C. Williams Library was originally conceived to document the experiences of women at Stevens (first made coeducational in 1971) — a group underrepresented in the Archives and Special Collections.

In preparation for the 150th anniversary of Stevens in 2020, we have expanded the project to encompass all interested Stevens alumni. Each voice is important to the mission of providing a broader understanding of Stevens history with unique, individual perspectives for future generations.

Oral histories encompass the unique perspectives of individuals who might otherwise be absent from the historical record. Collecting and sharing these stories provides an invaluable glimpse into the past through the lens of human experience that serves to preserve the richness and diversity of our shared cultural heritage. 

Malena Higuera,’75

Malena Higuera was Stevens first Latin American woman to graduate.

Martha Connolly,’75

Martha was amongst the first class of women admitted to Stevens in 1971.

Linda Vollkommer-Lynch

Linda Vollkommer-Lynch was the first tenured female faculty and first female athletics coach at Stevens.

 John Dalton, ‘60

 Gerry Crispin and
Edward Eichhorn, ‘69

Joelle Hinds, '93



To learn more about our oral history project, or to inquire about participating, please contact Leah Loscutoff, Head of Archives & Special Collections: [email protected] 

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