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The Research Process & Your Unique Workflow

An introduction to the general practices of research and some tools to help as you work.

An upward arrow with boxes and icons in order from Research Question and question mark, to Project Management with people icon, to Literature Searching and magnifying glass, and Reading with a book, Writing with a pencil, and finally Publish Promote and Preserve with a newspaperThe Research Process & Your Unique Workflow

While the overall process to set a hypothesis, learn the background, conduct the study, and write it up is generally standard across disciplines, your particular workflow in completing the steps of the process develops over time.

This guide collects information on many aspects of the research process for use in your own work, including tools and programs that might help make tasks easier. While it is usually worth experimenting with them, the choice to use them is ultimately based on whether they actually help you.

Whatever works best for you is what will be best for your research.



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