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HLI 330: Classical Mythology

A guide to HLI 330: Classical Mythology


Many websites and publishers are temporarily opening up access to resources (ebooks, journals, livestreams) that were not previously available without paid subscriptions.
See below for an update from the Society for Classical Studies:
Access to Digital Resources During COVID-19: Loeb, Journals, and More

Welcome to the Classical Mythology Course Guide

Demeter, Ancient Greek goddess of corn and harvest equivalent to Ceres in the Roman pantheon, presenting corn to Triptolemus. In Greek mythology Triptolemus, hero and demi-god was taught the arts of agriculture by the goddess. Carved relief.


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Welcome to the Classical Mythology Course Guide, designed to assist students in HLI 330 Classical Mythology. Click through the tabs to learn more about how to access books and e-books, reference sources such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, popular and scholarly articles from databases, as well as reliable information from the internet, such as web sites and video and image resources.

Course Description

Myths are much more than entertaining stories; they teach much about their cultures. Myths pervade our lives and represent a discrete way of thinking, different from rational logic. In this course, students will see how Western civilization was enriched by Greek and Roman myths. Myths from the ancient Near East also reached the West through the Judeo-Christian tradition. This course provides an introduction to ancient civilizations and their literary, religious, and artistic legacies.

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