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HLI 416: The Legend of King Arthur

A guide to HLI 416A: The Legend of King Arthur

Welcome to the Legend of King Arthur Course Guide


Kirk, M.L. "For Two Hours More They Fought." 1912. From The Story of Idylls of the King Adapted from Tennyson with the Original Poem, by Alfred Lord Tennyson. New York: Frederick A. Stokes. Project Camelot.

Welcome to the Legend of King Arthur Course Guide, designed to assist students in HLI 416A, The Legend of King Arthur. Click through the tabs to learn more about how to access books and e-books, reference sources such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, popular and scholarly articles from databases, as well as reliable information from the internet, such as web sites and video and image resources.

Course Description

The course covers a variety of texts beginning with the earliest chronicle reports of a great battle leader, Arthur, king of Britain, and ending with high medieval romances such as The Death of King Arthur. The course explores the birth of the Arthurian legend.  Was there ever a historical Arthur? Did he arise to save his people? Will he come again as legend has promised? How has his story developed in literature and popular culture? Delving into the mythic past of Europe, the readings include folk-tales and historical chronicles, and students will immerse themselves in some of earliest sword and sorcery literature, and observe along the way how developing technologies enhanced warrior cultures.

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