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HLI/HTH 302: African-American Cinema

Writing about Cinema

Citing Films and Television

To cite correctly your film, here are the basic components you need to cite:

-List films by their title. Include the name of the director, the film studio or distributor, and the release year. If relevant, list performer names after the director's name.

Works Cited

Kubrick, Stanley. Full Metal Jacket. Warner Bros., 1987.

Kubrick, Stanley. A Clockwork Orange. Warner Bros., 1971.

Soderbergh, Steven. Solaris. Twentieth Century Fox, 2002.

Tarkovsky, Andrei. Stalker. Janus Films, 1979.

In the case you want to draw attention to a particular actor or director in your works cited for ease of finding, you can list the actor or director first:

Scott, Ridley, director. Blade Runner. Warner Bros, 1982.

Adapted from Purdue Owl; Common Sources

Citing Images

If you’re using an image in your paper or research project:

Include a Figure number, shortened to “Fig.1” Also include the creator’s name, title of work (italicized), date of creation/publication, the medium of reproduction. Publication information of the source.See below example. 


FIG 1. Jackson, Jeff. Sean Young in Blade Runner. 6 Apr. 2003. Flickr
Works CIted:

Jackson, Jeff. Sean Young in Blade Runner. 6 Apr. 2003. Flickr



Fig 2. Screenshot of Eleven in the "upside down" from the episode "The Bathtub" Stranger Things, Netflix, 2016. 

Works CIted:

“Chapter Seven: The Bathtub.” Stranger Things, Season 1, Episode 7, Netflix, 15 July 2016.



The above video interview would be cited:

Scott, Ridley. “Ridley Scott Breaks Down His Favorite Scene from Blade Runner | Blade Runner | Blade Runner | WIRED”    
     Interview by Wired. YouTube. 19 September 2017. Accessed
     25. 2017.


de Armas, Ana. Interview by James Cordon. The Late Late Show With James Corden. YouTube. Uploaded 6 October
     2017. Accessed October 25, 2017.


10 QUESTIONS FOR Ridley Scott

Luscombe, Belinda. "10 QUESTIONS for Ridley Scott." Time, vol. 168, no. 20, 13 Nov. 2006, p. 8. EBSCOhost,
​     live.