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The Sixth Extinction (First Year Read, 2019)

The 2019 selection of Stevens' First Year Reading Program.

The Sixth Extinction: The History of Evolutionary Theory

As we read in The Sixth Extinction, just as species evolve, scientific and evolutionary theories also change over time.

See the infographics below for a visual explanation of the process of evolutionary thought, and read more on the subject through books and ebooks available at the Library.

The History of Evolutionary Thought (infographic)

History of Evolutionary Thought infographic by UC Berkeley

History of Evolutionary Thought (UC Berkeley)

This interactive infographic, from Understanding Evolution, a collaborative project of the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education, shows how our understanding of evolution has been influenced by four disciplinary areas: Earth's history, life's history, mechanisms of evolution, and development and genetics. Explore the full timeline here.

Evolution: A Progression of Scientific Thought (infographic)

Evolution: a progression of scientific thought, infographic by Tania Jenkins and Miriam Quick, designed by Stefanie Posavec

Evolution: a progression of scientific thought (infographic)

This colorful infographic offers another view of the progression of evolutionary theories. "Evolution: a progression of scientific thought" is by Tania Jenkins and Miriam Quick, designed by Stefanie Posavec. Download the full version here (PDF), or in French, Spanish and German here.

Books on the History of Science