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CH 398: Research Proposals for Undergraduate Research

A guide to help you find and cite the research you need for your proposal.


When you want to show why your research idea is worth pursuing, you need to find the right articles to support it.

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Polarised LM of vitamin E crystals

Vitamin E. Polarised light micrograph of crystals of vitamin E (tocopherol). This is an essential vitamin for fertility and reproduction. Its structure is that of the tocopherols, methylated derivatives of tocol. The alpha form of tocopherol is properly known as 5,7,8-trimethyltocol; this alpha form has the strongest vitamin E activity. Vitamin E is widely distributed in vegetable lipids and the body fat in animals; the richest sources are seed embryos and their oils, and green leaves. The vitamin protects unsaturated fats from oxidation. As tocopherol is widely distributed in the diet, vitamin E deficiency is rare. Magnification: x26 at 6x7cm size. x45 at 4x5',vitamin e; crystal; tocopherol; polarised light micrograph; plm; chemistry; chemical; biochemistry; biochemical; compound; compounds; crystals; magnified image; images; microscopic photos; subjects; light micrograph',


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