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Underrepresented Communities in STEM: Academic and Professional Support

A guide to professional organizations and social media communities for Stevens students in the STEM fields.

graphic illustration of two Black women discussing what's on a whiteboardUnderrepresented Communities in STEM: Academic and Professional Support

There are many professional associations and academic organizations devoted to supporting students and young professionals who are part of communities often underrepresented in the STEM fields through means including professional networking, scholarships, mentor programs, and training.

Many of these organizations have student chapters at Stevens.

Social media can also provide guidance and conversation for STEM researchers and students in these communities.

Whatever your student status at Stevens, or if you're in your early career, consider connecting with the organizations and networks listed here.

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns about the information listed here, please email Vicky (!

Graphic illustration by Black Illustrations, licensed for reuse.