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Business & Management Research

This guide links to professional & scholarly research resources for students, faculty, and staff conducting research in Business & Technology, Management, Information Systems, and Finance.

Company Research: Where to Start

When looking for information for a specific company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the company publicly traded or privately held?
    • Does a company file documents with the SEC? Is their stock traded in a public stock exchange? Then it is public.
    • Is a company owned by its founders or other individuals or groups? Is the stock unavailable for public purchase? Then it is private.
  • Is it a subsidiary of a larger company? If so, is that company public or private?
  • Is the company based in the US?

The Library has a number of useful databases and you can also find good information on some reliable web resources.

Company Industry Codes: NAICS & SIC

Finding a specific company's code:
To find a company's SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) and NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes, use the database Gale Business: Insights (linked below), and search for the company's name.  When you find your desired company, look in the "Industry Classification" box, and you will find the SIC and NAICS codes that are associated with the company.

Company Research: Reliable Sources

Library Databases

These include company profiles, and cover public, private, and/or international for-profit companies.

Log into myStevens/Okta if prompted.


Basic company info but also ads. Good for quick reference.

Don't forget to check the company's website for corporate info. Look for sections labeled "Corporate" or "Stockholders" for financial and governance data.

Company Statistics

Company Finance

Securities & Exchange Commission

Library Databases

Nonprofit Company Research

Nonprofit companies, other than private foundations, must file Form 990 with the IRS.

The following resources will provide company info for this type of organization.

Company Brands, Trademarks & Symbols