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Information on registering to vote and current NJ elections for eligible Stevens students.

2024 Federal Elections

In 2024, the country will re/elect the President, the full House of Representatives, and about a third of the Senate.

New Jersey voters will choose 1 Senator and 12 members of Congress, in addition to the President.


  • JANUARY to JUNE: Primaries and caucuses
    • June 4: New Jersey Primary Elections (President, Senate, House)
  • NOVEMBER 5: General Election


The 2024 presidential election begins in January with the Iowa Republican caucus (Jan. 15) and the New Hampshire primary (Jan. 23). Primaries and caucuses continue through June.

  • March 5 is known as "Super Tuesday" as several primaries will be occurring on the same day.
  • New Jersey's primaries will take place on June 4.
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Voter registration processes vary by state and territory. Check for current registration information for your home.

College students can register to vote where they go to college. However, you might consider registering in your home state/territory if you think you might move back after you graduate and instead vote by mail while in college.


When registering, you can choose to affiliate with a political party or as an Independent. However, please note that states have different policies regarding who can vote in a party's primary, and take this into account when deciding how or if to affiliate with a party.

Primary types include:

  • Open primaries allow any registered voter to vote in any primary.
  • Closed primaries restrict primary voting to those affiliated with the primary party.
  • Partially open primaries are open to unaffiliated voters but require that they declare an affiliation to vote in a party primary.
    • New Jersey has a partially open primary.
  • Partially closed primaries leave the decision up to the political parties.

See the State Primary Election Types link below for more information.

Not sure if you're already registered?

Check here:


Absentee or mail-in ballots are always available from your home state if you will be away at the time of an election.

Different states have different requirements and deadlines, so make sure you look into it early to give yourself enough time to request the ballot and return it for the primary and/or general elections.

Check Vote411 from the League of Women Voters for state information.